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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The goons I call workmates appear to have decided that I am actually an albino Indian (I'm not, I'm a blonde, blue eyes caucasian..) and have given me a more 'suitable' name : Kuresh Balasubramanium. I don't pretend to understand... I've done the next best thing... I've started answering to it. I guess I don't mind really, I mean who knows what nationality they will decide I am next week?

I spend this afternoon mowing the lawns in preparation for our cocktail party on Saturday. It's going to be great... We haven't had one in so long, I really can't wait. Stay tuned for photos... my only fear is that it might rain, our house is not very big, but our yard is huge. This needs to be an outdoor event! So much to do...!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Where The F*#king Hell Are You?
- Parody Aussie Tourism Ad

original Ad :

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Do I really need to say any more?

found here

From the YouTube description: "The 30 minute pilot is about an astronaut (played by Jack Black) with a medical secret who is on the run from the evil Ron Silver and the rest of NASA, with the help of a talking motorcycle called Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson)."

... funny stuff. Check it out.

today is...

Tree sweater!

(click image to visit the knitters blog)

...found at the excellent Seattle newspaper The Stranger, via Reddit.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Now, with weather icons...

My good friend Murray has been travelling the wilds of South America since August 2005. Here is his travelpod site. Have a click and a mighty good read.

In other, less happy news, I woke up this morning to a blinking msn message (from 3am) from another friend Steve, who was diagnosed with a tumour in his leg a few weeks ago. He went into hospital to have it removed, yet it appears that this is not the end of the story. I haven't spoken to him, and he was offline by the time, but he's going back into hospital again today as they've found the tumour elsewhere. All the very best mate. Thinking of you. Things like this really bring reality crashing back home, don't they....

Mick won a meat tray at the pub last night... tonight Brian, Mick and I are going to have a few beers and then have a good ole fashioned meaty coookup afterwards. Because we are men of the new millenium, we are also having vegetables.

I've decided to include a weather icon with each post here... why? Because I'm geeky enough to think that this is in someway cool. I'll include the images below for (my) reference. Being the nice, law-abiding citizen that I am, I will also include the required legalese blurb.

No more news. No more self-indulgent waffling. This post is done.

These weather images are (c) 2003 by Stardock Corporation. All rights reserved.

Stardock gives you permission to distribute these images and or icons freely as
long as this permission document is included.

Allowed Uses:
You may use these images with any Stardock related product (such as creating DesktopX
objects or ObjectDock or plugins).

In addition, Stardock licenses this for use with content that is provided free of charge
and is not connected to a commercial software product. You may use these images for skins,
themes, and other content for freeware software even if it is competitive in nature with
Stardock's offerings as long as the copyright notices are included. You may not, however,
bundle these images in any way with any software product without Stardock's express permission.

You may use these images in your website or product as long as this permission.txt is linked
somewhere along with Stardock's copyright notice with a link to Stardock's homepage: http://www.stardock.com.

Designed Use:
These weather images are designed to provide the various weather conditions reported
by weather services. It was created for use with Stardock DesktopX (http://www.desktopx.net)
and Stardock ObjectDock (http://www.objectdock.com) both of which allow users to monitor the
weather conditions from their desktop.

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Free friday

because I have 31 days annual leave accrued, I've been asked to take a day off every 2 weeks. Today was the first of such days.
I got up late (ooh 8:30am!) put my dvd burner in to be replaced (hey, it's one of those things that you never get time to do with a 'normal' working week) and went a signed up to the local video store (having only lived in Epping for 3 years, I figured it was about time) and rented "Kiss, kiss bang, bang" starring Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer and "Look both ways", an aussie film that I'm currently halfway through. Another thing that I'm currently halfway through is my fifth glass of red wine, so forgiveness please. ;)

last night Kristin and I went out for dinner (thai potang) and a movie (Syriana) in Newtown. I've been friends with her for about 4 years, and I think this was the first time we've seen each other twice in a week. It wasn't a date as such, you know the point where you know someone so well as a friend, you know that the next step is a world away, maybe two? I don't think either of us would be willing to throw away such a friendship for what could easily be a step down, so to speak. I love this city, but it is cannibalistic, it eats its young and only the strong and rich manage to stay here and survive. I'm envious of those ppl that have family here, they really don't know how good they have it. Fo me, if I lose my job or get sick or whatever, I'd really have no choice but to move 650 km back home, which would be terrible for me. To have that family home and that familiar support just a quick drive away is really something that is beyond reproach. I miss it so much everytime I hear somebody mention it with the ease of buying milk and bread.

I went to Carlingford Court today at lunchtime and happened upon my ex, Lisa having lunch with someone from work. I waved, she waved, and we went on our ways, how quickly so much changes. A different reality where she wrote her first name next to my last name, and we talked about having a turkish delight wedding cake, and made all those plans and dreams. Now summarised into plastic grins and plastic waves, unanswered calls and fast get-aways. Relationships can be wonderful things, but so often I find that they end up with you trying your damnest not to stuff up too much while having any insecurities thrown back in your face.

I'd love to find the right girl, but that phrase "the right girl" is so easy to write, but in reality, is something that is not about the content of one person or another, but the summation of where two people are in their lives + their histories + their dreams + chaos.

...I'll keep you posted on all developments. ;)

...till then, be well.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Here is my all new super enhanced "pink demon" t-shirt design... what do you think?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Of Futurama, Robots and jazzy threads...

Billy West, voice of Fry has posted on his site that futurama is getting another 26 episodes. Sweet. This is quite possibly my favourite show.

Update: Actually, we may have jumped the gun on this one a little... check
out the later posts from Billy on the same forum. Time will tell methinks.

I've seen an animated plants video from these same ppl, but a recommendation on digg suggested that these guys had some great other work, and whoah, they aint wrong.
Dare I say Monty Pythonesque, but I'd be proud to be the owner/wearer of any of these fine, fine pieces of apparelege.

yes, it's all happening here. Hi there to you as the dusk sets on another weekend... a busy weekend, which is not to say eventful, neccessarily.
Friday night Mick, Brian and I had a couple of drinks at the Epping. Saturday went into the city with the intention of (again) going to see the "City of Shadows" exhibition, but as is often the case when Kristin and I meet up, we ended up sitting in a pub and talking for hours instead. Not that I mind, I rather have a good full chat than fill my time just *doing stuff* for the sake of it. And we have such great chats.
It took me two trains and a bus to get from Epping to the City yesterday as there was trackwork between Concord West and Strathfield. I couldn't be bothered to negotiate the same in reverse, so caught a cab home. Brian msg'd me as I was leaving the city and so back to the Epping hotel we went. I don't normally drink that much, but lately I've certainly been drinking more than usual. It's not neccessarily a bad thing, it's certainly better that locking myself away at home, and I get to have a few good, surprising chats with both my friends and strangers. Nothing really surprising is likely to happen sitting around the house anyway. The Epping hotel is such a nice looking little pub, great food too. But geez, the entertainment really leaves something to be desired. The same crappy coverbands in moderately high rotation. C'mon guys, take a risk, lets lively things up with some original music. Talking of moosique, the latest bands to have delighted my ears are thus:

...Wonderful, gorgeous bands, all of them.

footnote: Anyone else having issues posting images to their blog?
I've tried it from my local pc, from another site and also from Picasa without success.

Ok, next day, seems to be working a bit gooder-er.

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