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Sunday, June 13, 2004

It's Sunday eve, public holiday 2moro.
I worked today and had 3 hrs sleep the Thursday night and 4 hrs Friday night before that working 2moro too. hehe.
Thurday night i went out with Steve C who'd just finished his last uni assignment for "a" beer. I got home from that around 2:30 - 3 and was at work the next morning at 9am. Friday night went out with Mick, Link, Lisa (girl that link knows from bathurst) and her friends... had a mad one... 6am there. We went to the Shelbourne in the city for drinks and bad dancing (deliberate, of course) then went over to the underground bar for more drinks and some pool (i sucked) and were there until, yeh, 5:30 or so i guess. It was a really good time. Coincidentally, we were all incredible funny.

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