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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I think this is my new fav pic.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

poker at Simons

Went over to Simon and Adsy's place last night with Joei, Krystal and Mickey. Luke S showed up a bit later. Folks I haven't seen in a while... 2 years perhaps? Yeh perhaps. We ended up playing Texas Holdem Poker for most of the night. Good fun. I haven't played poker in years, for no good reason.

Gradually getting my mojo back...
It's hard, but it's also a time to get back to basics and see what really is important.
I'm getting my finances in order, that's an important first step for me as I'm often feeling like I've got this debt hanging over my head. I feel like it's always limiting me and I'm sick of feeling like that. I've almost got rid of it now, and although I understand that debt is considered a pretty normal part of modern life, I'm trying to get some assets happening too. Nothing major, but I've recently started an Australian Shares managed fund that I'm regularly contributing to, and working hard to pay off my creditcard. It'll be another 6 months before it's all gone, but that day is going to be a great one. My first step after that will most likely be to get overseas, probably south east asia, perhaps Thailand? Sounds great.

Not much else is really happening. I'm taking a few months out from life to get my head in order so I'll be all juiced up to jump back in. There's nothing really pleasant about it, but it's going to make it all sweeter in just a few short months.

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