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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chuck, Rice

Hi gang, not much really new to report, working hard and watching downloaded Chuck episodes in the spare time. Great show. Thanks to Fredescu for the recommendation. Weather is cool, but not as cold as it was a week ago. It's just going to get absolutely freezing soon, now I've said that.

Currently the wifey is watching a cantonese series 'Rosy Business'... from what I can gather it's like Dallas, but with rice instead of oil. Needless to say it's very dramatic.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

LED traffic lights in Taiwan

Red lights in Taiwan will soon be much greener. By 2011, all traffic lights on the small island republic will be fitted with efficient LED lights thanks to a NT $229 million (US $7 million) project set to begin next year. Almost half of all traffic lights in Taiwan already use LEDs; the remaining 420,000 traffic lights will be converted over three years, providing an estimated savings of 85% in power consumption.

In addition to saving greatly on energy costs, LED traffic lights last years (standard bulbs only last months), remain brighter longer and their higher contrast levels with sunlight allow them to be viewed from longer distances. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to continue the LED work and change street lamps to efficient bulbs once the traffic signal project is complete.

Thinking lights to revamp traffic

INDEPENDENT "thinking" traffic lights will judge the volume of cars, buses and trucks and respond immediately to keep vehicles flowing as part of advances being developed for the NSW Government.

Elevated video cameras, infra-red sensors and radar as well as weight-activated sensors will monitor the traffic at each intersection.

A trial of the free-thinking traffic lights, part of the Smart Transport and Roads (STaR) project, is ready to proceed at an Albion Park roundabout, south of Wollongong.

At present, the co-ordination of neighbouring traffic lights is pre-programmed for specific times of day and predicted traffic flow patterns, such as morning and evening peak hour. A single loop system underground can detect when traffic is waiting at the lights but cannot discern the number of vehicles waiting or other conditions.

The STaR initiative involves the Roads Traffic Authority and information and communications technology company NICTA, with funding from the Federal Government and backed by universities.

The STaR project system engineering manager, Glenn Geers, said massive changes to how drivers negotiate the 3500 intersections with lights across the state would occur over the next five to 10 years.

Further developments will allow neighbouring traffic lights to communicate with each other and take action to control changing traffic flows, ensuring time savings and environmental benefits.

Dr Geers said communication between vehicles and traffic control systems will eventually become two-way, once a critical mass of vehicles have wireless radio systems. Drivers will be informed of major delays, availability of spaces at parking stations and the running times of connecting buses and trains.

"The potential by 2030 is amazing," he said. "By then, if you wake up late for work it won't matter because your car has already received the latest traffic data via wireless infrastructure.

"A voice will sound in your car informing you [that you] have only 32 minutes to make it to your meeting and you will be in time based on prevailing conditions. Then during the journey it could tell you about an accident ahead … and your revised travel time. It will then examine other route options and could tell you the quickest one."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Funny motivational posters

I'm sure these are pretty much everywhere online already but these were sent around at work today and I thought I'd share them with you.. :)

Terminator Salvation

Went to see Terminator Salvation on Sunday, & really enjoyed it.

Unlike the other Terminator movies which basically had one or two or two robots running around in the present, this one is set entirely in the future, and there's a whole ecosystem of robots, which I found a lot more interesting.

It's not without its faults and isn't really groundbreaking in terms of plot, but it doesn't set out to be.

Terminator Dalmation


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