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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hail in North Ryde this afternoonThis afternoon it hailed for almost an hour... the ground looked as though it had been snowing. In some parts of sydney people were trying to snowboard. I happened to be one of those many folks caught out driving in it. The chunks of ice were about as big as the top segment of my finger, they were shattering against my windscreen with vengeful gusto. ;) You could see it falling from the sky, the chunks were that large. It made me glad, once more, that I have a cheap car. As long as any damage isn't significant and the car still runs, my life goes on quite happily.

Work at 7:30 in the morn. I like the early shifts.
I've been reading the blog of one of my favourite Australian bands today.. Regurgitator. You can find it here. Enjoy. They're currently doing the band in the bubble thing in the middle of melbourne. Check it out... there's a webcam so you can see what's going on too. It would be cool to go down to melbourne and check it out in person. But I'm waay too disorganised for THAT sort of shennanigans.
Sydney is grumbling with thunder tonight.. it has been pretty surly for the latter part of the day, I think more thunderstorms are forecast for 2moro, which is cool. I like thunderstorms. I can remember my mum hiding in the house when then thunder shook, and I wanting to go out walking in it.
Lisa's birthday is coming up in a few week... the pressure's on to come up with something great. She did a pretty awesome job with mine, it certainly set the precedent. I've almost finished designing a website that's a long time overdue... a day or so to wrap that up then I'll start project: Lisa's birthday.
Wish me luck.


Hey there.... another Sunday working in the office. The air-conditioned nightmare is actually no too bad today.... I've opened the blinds and so have about 4 metres of glass in front of me... looking out i can see some mildly sullen clouds brewing.

I turned 31 last wednesday week... Lisa did a wonderful job of organising a surprise birthday dinner, and, not that too many people have tried to surprise me in the past, but this one took me completely by surprise, which is, of course the idea. We went to the Chinta Ria restaurant down at darling harbour. Amazing place, highly recommended. I had actually booked to go to Govinda's that night, I was wondering why she seems a bit nonplussed when i mentioned it to her. hehe. We ended up going to govindas onthe night of my birthday, had some terrific food and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which was great too.

Aah, so good to have such a good girlfriend.

I've recently discovered the joy that is Flickr ..... you can see some of my pic's here...

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