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Monday, July 05, 2004

oh... I'm back on the cigarettes again... dammit.


Good evening, gentle reader. Come on in, pull up a chair, sit on down.
I'm currently being employed onsite at one of our customers for 2 and a half weeks, currently about a third of the way through it. I'm working in the city, down at the rocks, whch is nice, but significantly longer travelwise (my normal place of work is only 15mins drive away, so I guess i'm pretty spoilt). I'm enjoying it, it's more busy, but with more freedom, but working in support is slowly eating away at me. I had my first kinesiology session on saturday and found it really interesting. I guess it didn't tell me anything I didn't know, but I really believe that part of the point is really the conscious admitting of issues, problems and stresses.

My little sister called me the other day to tell me that she's expecting a baby. Wow, i'm going to be an uncle! eggshellent.

I have been less stressed lately, and for a very good, wholesome reason. I've been 'romantically involved' with L since about the 18th of June... and wow am I having fun. She's a great girl and we're seem to be really clicking together well. It's only early days yet, but we both seem to be making real effort towards having a *real* relationship, after both spending a couple of years of testing the waters and not finding what we're after, it's obvious the importance we're both placing into doing things properly, after all, it's not like we're at Uni anymore, and I like the idea of building history with someone who is similar to me and shared a lot of common dreams. We've both been careless in the past, we've hurt others and been hurt ourselves. I think am important thing is also to be happy single. to have your own life, interests and goals and not to let go of these.

You rock my work baby, and I'm going to focus on getting this right.
Remember this moment, those little moments, what it's like to be single in what seems to be a world of couples. Remember our phone conversations at work in the middle of the day where we've left each other laughing and shaking our heads.

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