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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

[::] two:

hello again... It's probably a surprise to both you and i that we're back here again, so here goes.
Attempt number 4 to pick up my car is planned for this saturday morning... It's the first car I've had in too many years [yeh, one of those odd ppl who actually *like* public transport] ... it's actually been quite a while since i've driven at all. bah no problem! Like riding a bike. [been a while since i've done that too, actually] It's a zippy little thing, but i certainly don't think i'll be dragging at the lights anytime soon. too bad, i hear you cry!
The Cobb got back tonight from a week or so in qld, his main dietry intake over that time does appear to be beer, but he seems happy enough.
We've just been in the garage recording our latest hit just now, it's another horrible delight i must say. I'll put some links up here when we can be bothered to record/webetize anything good enough.
I'm taking the next week off work to hang out with a friend of mine coming from japan. Can't wait. It's going to be a fun sydney on a budget, i on'y hope that it doesn't bucket down rain as it has been for the last week or more. Being Autumn here it's normally very wet, but while the rest of Australia is in drought, we've had quite an amazing amount of wet stuff fall from the sky... it just doesn't get over the Blue Mountains, i'm afraid.

more soonish.

Monday, May 19, 2003

[::] one:

why hello there. Welcome.
Latest gnuz: moved into the new place at epping, we are more or less formally 'the dentists'. Have moved in with goodSteve and badSteve, named as such as to put the cat amongst the pigeons as for easy labelling too. It's handy, you should try it. So we've been in this place for a little while now [since the 25th march, actually], and we're starting to settle in nicely for the coming winter. Still some things are in boxes, and that's where they'll probably stay for a while at least.
It's an interesting beastie, the semi-regular house move. I've been renting for almost 12 years now, and at last count that would be :

1* 23 pugsley ave estella estate
2* that house in tumut
3* edward str wagga [in a cupboard]
4* collins street wagga
5* fox street wagga
6* 266 quarrie rd north ryde nsw
7* 42 jeanette st east ryde nsw
8* 24 long avenue north ryde
9* 53 trevitt rd north ryde
10* and currently : dent st epping.

...and no indication that this journey in the land of renting is coming to an end just yet.
We finally had ADSL connected last week, which is awesome. It was about 6 weeks before that on dial-up which is a bit of a shock to the system after cable internet for several years. So yeh, back on it again.
This house is considerably smaller than any other place we've had up to this point. This is not neccessarily a bad thing, the large places we've been lucky enough to get previously have been more than enough for ourselves and all our junk and the various and numberous freeloaders that we call friends, and indeed ourselves from time to time. ~(:^D) We had nine ppl at one stage at the original junglehouse [42 jeanette] and i think seven in the last place at trevitt rd. This makes for a horrendously disorganised but very fun environment to be in. But things change. After a while, the preference of keeping the chaos just a little away from the front doorstep rises to the yellow frothy top of the australian shared house experience.
...And we're doing ok so far too. Did i tell you that in the move from the last place to here we threw out 760kg of junk? Sure there was a lounge in there, but whoah, was there a lot which wasn't lounge. Even with all the spare change and cigarette lighters that such lounges invariably eat, a lounge isn't going to contribute too heavily to that total eh.... certainly not the lounges we'd buy anyway.
I have not much more to say right now other than it's been raining continiously for about 5 days here in Sydney, while the rest of nsw is in drought. It's been raining so much in the last 2 months that a 45cm long aquarium i have in the backyard has almost conpletely filled with rainwater.
...a dark stagnant damp winter approaches..

...more soonly

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