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Friday, August 06, 2004

'Ullo there. I'm on a weeks holiday at the now, not the sort of holiday where I go anywhere exciting, more the kind where I stay home and catch up on all the things that are actually important to me. I've done some more art, thankfully finishing one I did the initial drawings of on my last holiday, a year ago. I actually went on holiday that time, snowboarding for a week, then down to Melbourne to catch up with Dale and check out the Outre Gallery etc.

It's great to get some things done though. I've received my full birth certificate now, which is particularly for getting security clearance at work (they've been hassling me about it for a while, better get it done), but also neccessary for getting a passport which I also want to do. I have a website to do for a business (better get my act into gear for that one) , yesterday I sent Lisa flowers (will arrive today, hopefully) , it's the first time I've sent her flowers, I hope she likes them. Did i mention before that she sent me flowers before? While I was onsite inthe city. First girl to send me flowers. Girls, it's a nice thing, send 'em to your guys!

I've also successfully applied for a Virgin creditcard to help me manage my small-ish debt. Basically my current creditcard has a 16.75% interst rate, the Virgin one has a 4.9% rate for 6 months then to 12.4% so it's a lot better and gives me 6 months to get on top of my debt a bit more rather than paying such a large amount interest. I'm going to cut up my other card. I've been buying Money magazine, you see... =)

I'm thinking about studying part-time next year, perhaps graphics design, I really want to do something more akin to my creative side, I've been doing IT support for 5 years now, while I do still enjoy it a bit, it's fair to say that the novelty has certainly worn off.

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