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Saturday, June 21, 2003

:: three :: concerning transport and visitors from afar...

my car

well, here we are, a month older than our last chat. Quite a bit has been a-happening...
I've actually picked up my car. Shock! It was a little bit of a hair-raising journey, but we made it in one piece. Much better at getting around now, in case anyone reading is considering launching into emergency driving tactics when they encounter me next out in peak hour. Sydney traffic is a strange beast. I try to not get caught up in all the hoohar and just think how it pumps around this great city of ours, like the blood I guess traffic, in essence is. What would more constitute the blood flow of a city than the seemingly endless ebb and gush of cars, truck and motorbikes. I'm pretty dissappointed with Sydneys attempts at bicycle lanes. I guess congestion is peaking enough without sacrificing another slab of the all-so-precious roadway to such a minority. Pity. I'm also going to be a bit of a nancy-boy and say that good ol' Syd is a bit more hilly than Wagga, for instance, (and to be honest, Sydneysiders are a little softer than the country folk, the taxi drivers are often telling me that bizness takes a savage downward turn at the first hint of a cooler change. Maybe thats just cabbie talk though. Maybe it's not.)
So, yeh, i'm vehicled. Not sure I'm sold on the idea entirely, I've said it before, but i LIKE public transport. All the complaints that ppl may have, that it smells, that there are strange ppl around, that it's unreliable, it all in a way feel like just part of the adventure of getting somewhere. Perhaps part of me is still a bit rural?, but i don't really feel like that. In fact, i never really felt like a rural, even though i spent the first 18 yrs of my life there.. I never ever, considered the option of staying in Leeton, which is odd in that personally, i always considered myself to play it pretty cozy and safe, yet i ran as soon as i could.

Amiko came out from Japan on the 25th may for a week of madly running around sydney with me. We had a great time, went up to Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, which is definately a place i'd like to explore a bit more. It was nice to have my shedule completed uprooted for a while. The fog in Katoomba was amazing.
Did i say that i had to call the NRMA for the first time this evening, I got out of work to discover that I'd left the lights on and the battery was dead flat. Aah, i think it's almost an initiation isn't it?
Anyway. 2moro is saturday and i'm rostered to work from 10:30 till 7. Hope it's quiet.
I've got some music to listen to.

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