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Monday, September 01, 2003

:: five :protective shells :: I have nothing to say to you people...

Good news everyone!
...and good news that I'd almost (ok, i had) forgotten to add here.
The first ever Klang* has finally come full circle.... thats right... Mick tried tofu...and i actually think he liked it.
Again, a laksa was involved but it must be about 4 years since... well... read on....

...to steal from the junglehouse messageboard (but thats ok, coz i wrote this bit there too) :

"Eggs dont have a protective shell" ~ mick.

"We were all out at noodle king in lane cove eating laksa or similar, when mick, our culinary indiana jones, basically refused to try tofu. We tried to convince him from all different angles...the "try something new, variety is the spice of life" angle, the "it doesn't really have a taste of it's own" angle... somebody said something along the lines of "it's kinda like a cross between egg and bread"...to which mick replied "...but eggs don't have a protective shell".. i think more laksa was spat in outburst in that moment than had been eaten in the last ten minutes.. He tried to explain what he meant to say... which only resulted in his please being brushed aside and the phrase "what i meant to say was.." outlawed forever in Klang defence. The Klang was born... "

The awarding of a "Klang" is an age old junglehouse ritual that involves the "Klangee" saying, or doing, something that causes those around them to react with wonder, laughter, surprise and/or ridicule, when what the Klangee "meant to say" or, do was entirely different.

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