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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Qi Qiao Jie - Chinese Valentines Day
- Qi Qiao Jie -
Happy Chinese Valentines Day

ok peoples, like you didn't know, Sunday was the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, and traditionally, this is Chinese Valentines Day. Us westerners really need to commandeer a few more of these Asian festivals, because they sure are celebrating ours.

Of course, they celebrate such a happening a little more differently that us qwai lo:
Girls write their contact details on mandarin oranges and throw it into a river (or lake, or pond) and the guys go into the water to get them. Guys write their details on a banana and throw that into the water for the girls, but hey, the imagery is lost on me.

Anyway, everyone ends up splashing around in the dark looking for bananas and mandarins in the quest for love. There is a lot of laughter and music blaring... Sounds familiar? No, I didn't think so either.

I had dinner for the first time with my gf's family on Sunday night. It was a bit nerve wracking, but I think it went well. They're really nice people, which helps, as you can imagine. We ate at a restaurant called 'The Unique Fisherman'. I quite sure I was the only whitey present.

I really need to practice my Cantonese more. I don't think my comprehension of one word every 50 words spoken is really going to be impressive long-term.

My girl and I spent the day together, but a fair percentage of that was spend studying (her: Taxation, me: asp.net). We did go for a swim though, which is significant as it's the first time we've swum together. Not that she can swim (quite normal here for people to not know how to swim... VERY unusual for Australia), but that's ok, as it just means I got to hold her up while she floated around.

Aaah, life is tough! Anyway, just thought I'd quickly drop by and post what I've up to. More soon.

Qi Qiao Jie - Chinese Valentines Day

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