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Thursday, March 13, 2008

~ of Coffee and Exercise bikes ~

I've been sampling some of the premixed coffees that seem to be quite popular over here in Malaysia. Currently, 'Breakfast' is my favourite, though I have partaken of plenty of the others too.

Above are the 3 that I've tried so far, along with 'Ernie' my trusty and reliable electronic urn. A very handy device, it allows me to set the boil timer so I can set it before I go to bed, and in the morning it will be ready, boiled and waiting at one of a variety of pre-chosen temperatures.

..aah, civilisation.

I've also been trying to increase the amount of exercise I get, so most nights of the week I can be seen down in the gym of my apartment complex pedaling away for about 40mins or so while zoning out to my iPod and trying not to think how much my legs hurt, or the sweat stings in my eyes, or other manly pursuits.

So far going well, I've been at it regularly for a couple of weeks now and I feel really good. I can get out of bed without being puffed ;)

Note to self: download 'Eye of the tiger' for increased motivation (.. and because it's a hella song)

..Till next we meet, gentle reader.

1 comment:

David Ballard Esq. said...

Didn't Kele' ever tell you about blockading Coles in Lismore with trolley's full of Nestle' products?
Shame on you Glen .....


Anyways Peace and Mungbeans.
David B

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