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Thursday, February 15, 2007

my girl on Valentines day

Aaah Valentines day... Can you taste the sickly sweetness? yesterday morning I went into work early so I could anoint my girlfriends desk (yes, we work for the same company) with a few little gifts. I sent her some roses too, which arrived around lunchtime (phew, wasn't sure if I'd ordered them too late). I really wanted her to have a great day, and I think she did.

We went out to dinner at Sentidos Tapas at Starhill gallery. It's the second time we've been there, and the service and food has been excellent both times, even on such a trying time as Valentines day. We had to swap lunch restaurants because the first one we went to was just too busy. Everyone is out to impress, it seems. Someone tried to charge me 10RM for a heart shaped balloon. I politely declined.

Some people really get caught up with Valentines day don't they.., it seems to polarise people more than most other celebrations, and i'm not just talking the singles vs. those in a relationship... How often do you hear "everyday should be Valentines day" and other such blah-de-blah. To me that's just another way of people to say "Look how much more special my relationship is than yours".. In short, I think it's rubbish. We should use Valentines day to celebrate love in all it's many manifestations, and while we're at it, celebrate it as a general concept too. In a world where I think it's fair to say we have our fair share of hate, why not lets all get together on one day and try to push things in the other direction for a bit.

Relax.. it's one day a year to spend a little time, effort and yes, perhaps even a little money (shock! horror!) to celebrate a little love. It's entirely possible to celebrate the day without breaking the bank anyway. The fact that many people bring up the fact of the economic cost of Valentines day I believe is part of the issue. So what, it costs money. It's only money. Nobody makes you spend it, and if you're in a relationship where somebody does, then perhaps it's time to do a little soul searching before NEXT Feb 14.

And gee, even if you're single, doesn't mean that you can't do something to spice up the day, spread rose petals on the footpath near your house or something. I think it's a cancer of our modern society that we won't do something unless someone, usually ourselves, benefits in a way other than just a feeling of a job well done.

People (at least those lucky enough to be capable of celebrating Valentines day) often hoard money as part of that struggle, not for general wellbeing, but as more often a measurement of how much higher up the tree we are from our fellow man. Why not spend a little of that to celebrate a little communal love (not neccessarily in that way, you sick perve ... You know what I mean).

Go for it, live a little.
Do something that the only reward is that warm fuzzy feeling. Buy a gift for someone and deliver it to them anonymously... and NEVER tell them or anyone that it was you. It's things like that that brighten not just someones day, but brightens their life and puts just that little bit extra spring in their step. And hey, maybe it'll put a little spring in your step too.

It's true we don't need a particular day to do these things, but isn't it great that we do?

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