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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Evening all.... aah it's good to fall down on the couch. Been shopping all afternoon at Sungei Wang with the girl. I bought a few new t-shirts, actually managing to find some that don't have monkeys on the front... This is actually surprisingly hard to do at times. I think I have four monkey shirts so far. I think that's enough for the time being... don't you?

We had lunch in a place we've eaten once before, a place called "Hot Mama's". It looks like this:

Restoran 'Hot Mama' at Sungei Wang #2

Woke up about 8:30am and called Dad while making coffee... had a good chat for about 15mins. It's the first time I've spoken to him since moving back over here to KL.

Went down to the gym and pool this morning.. rode the exercise bike for 15 mins then swam 10 laps. A good kick start to the weekend. And I'm paying for these facilities, I might as well make the most of them.

Found this little delight in the shopping centre across from 'The Weld'... the executive Davy Crockett look.

strange fashion #2

...great isn't it? I think I might start coming to work dressed like this.

Some more photos I've taken lately...

looking up from poolside at my apartment

looking towards the city from my apartment block

cubist building #2
cubist building as seen from work

stormclouds over KL #2
storm clouds over KL

I've been working on my Cantonese for about a couple of hours a week or so at the moment. Quite proud as someone told me that my pronunciation had really improved. Hmm... perhaps that's because my pronunciation was particularly bad before? Yeh, that's entirely likely actually.

Not that much that is extraordinarily interesting has been happening recently... sorry about that.

... I'll keep you posted as soon as it does.

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