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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Back in KL

Back in KL.
It's my 4th night in my new place, and i think I've finally got all the essential paraphernalia that will allow me to survive. When I was in the last apartment at the Maple Suite, everything was provided. In this new place, there were pillows, but no pillow cases or bed sheets, no iron, no ironing board, no plates, cutlery,no frying pan, saucepan or towels. So I've been running around for a couple of days, but I think I'm pretty much sorted now. Yay me.

Oh, thought you might get a kick out of this... I found it while looking for my address, just to show you how much I'm roughing it over here:

"Nestled comfortably in the exquisite tranquil setting of undulating softness of Bukit Ceylon, ANGKASA IMPIAN 2 truly lives up to its name - a dream city living experience come true. One of the last residential parcels in Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, this prestigious city garden enclave offers serenity from the hustle and bustle of the city, a haven for tired minds and body, whilst rejuvenating the soul with its soothing tropical-themed aesthetics.

... just a stone's throw away from KL's finest.

Found in the intersection of Changkat Bukit Ceylon and Jalan Sahabat, Angkasa Impian 2 is surrounded by the best KL has to offer - an unlimited array of dining pleasure, shopping that's to die for, offices and commercial centres, tourist and recreation sites and a pulsating nightlife; all within walking distance of this urban tropical haven. Where the wealth of choice is right at your doorstep.

Relish the sheer luxury of resort-style city living ...

Careful consideration has been put in to ensure that you enjoy only the absolute best in comfort and indulgence. This is evident in the extensive landscaping - from the well-planned tropical themed ambience complete with milieu of exotic plants and water features to the overall layout of individual units to the choice of quality finishing. The essence of nature, and momentum of the city co-mingled in a harmonious living experience.

No expenses has been spared in providing you with a full range of services and amenities to ensure a luxurious living experience. Complete with resort-style facilities amid a tropical-themed landscape. Designed for your comfort and convenience.

• Swimming pool
• Wading pool
• Multi-purpose function room
• Recreation deck
• Gymnasium
• 2 Squash courts
• Tennis court
• Launderette
• Surau
• Kindergarten
• Restaurant
• Sundry store
• Carpark"

I've been swimming every day in the pool here, even if it's just a bit of a paddle to wash off the day. I was gazing over the edge of the pool area yesterday and I swear I saw a squirrel running around on the ground in the place next door. Are there squirrels in Malaysia? I have no idea. Certainly looked like a squirrel to me. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Chris from the HP account in Sydney is here for a month, so it's now my turn to show the new guy around the place. Hehe. You know, I think I'm actually starting to be able to find my way around Sungei Wang without getting lost. Wonders will never cease.

Today I picked up my stuff that I'd dumped at Frank & Andrew's place while I went back to Sydney. Thanks for holding onto it for me guys, I really appreciate it. Y'know, one thing that has really made itself clear since I've moved over here is how little 'stuff' we actually, honestly need. While there are plenty of memories stashed away in my possessions now in storage in Sydney, right here and now, I have everything I require and while I wouldn't want to lose all that stuff in a horrific factory fire, the actual impact on my daily life at the moment would be approximately nil. It's funny the lack of attachment that I'm growing towards all my worldly possessions... I guess most people don't find themselves in situations where they essentially have to start again from scratch. It's certainly an enlightening experience.

I downloaded the movie 'The Corporation' via Democracy when I was over here previously, and just watching it now... Really quite interesting stuff. It basically revolves around the idea of the lack of any meaningful corporate morality and the effect that this has on the various external and internal environments that interact with that corporation. Highly recommended.

Thinking about getting a Nintendo DS Lite... for no other reason than just fun. My previous housemate Brian's gf has one and she was showing me the Training, and for that alone it looks quite cool.

Since my return to KL, there has been no other food stuff that has held pole position more than the humble Jaffle. For those poor uninitiated, the Jaffle, or toastie, breville or hong kong pie is a hot sandwich prepared in a special clam-like toaster that squashes everything together and cooks it. Typical ingredients are cheese, ham, tomato, but anything really is a contender. I like the name: 'hong kong pie' myself, that's what I've seen it referred to over here. My girl and I were out at lunch a while ago and noticed it on the menu, so she decided to try it and liked it. I bought one of the sandwich presses the other day, and we've been happily making jaffles ever since.

The aforementioned girl has also somehow convinced me to let her shave off my goatee of 4 years too. My hesitation at shaving it off was seriously offset by the fact that she was going to be doing the shaving... i mean, come on, having someone else shave you is a sexy, sexy experience. If you haven't tried it, do so now, right now. Now!

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