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Monday, August 11, 2008

Oddlight, Weekend edition

Hi gang, here I am again, with another concise weekend report. Was a nice one this weekend, Saturday involved going out to Midvalley to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall and take my watch (a Victorinox 'Basecamp') back to the shop as it's broken down again (2nd time in 2 months & not a cheap watch.. but all good, got the dude in the shop to promise to give me a new one if it happens again).

But more importantly, the movie.. really enjoyed this one, lots of original laughs and the Dracula - rock opera is fantastic.

I also went and had a play on a Yamaha APX 900 semi-acoustic guitar I'm thinking of buying. It's a beautiful instrument, but after about 2 years with no guitar my fingers are still sore a day later. Still, 2 years, no guitar... it's not right, something must be done.

Today (Sunday) we went to for a quick morning swim then Pavillion for lunch, and, yes, that's right, another movie, this time Rogue .. what could go wrong with giant Australia killer crocodiles? Actually, Rogue isn't too bad, certainly not as cliche'd as it could have easily been.
Aah, life is tough.

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