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Sunday, June 10, 2007

hey Glenn, what have you been doing the last few days?

hurro hurro, welcome to my Sunday evening. Glad you could make it. It's been bucketing rain outside for over an hour, with the characteristic light & sound show that seems to be synonymous with rain in Malaysia. My girl and I are kicking on the couch, a configuration we have been in for several hours now, such is the whim and fancy that can grip us on such a lazy afternoon.

I've been chatting on pidgin on and off for a few hours. I'm now spending more time in ubuntu linux than I am in winxp, and am only really finding myself booting back into xp when i want to do something in particular, like use photoshop. For a general weekends tasks, listening to music, surfing the web, watching shows, ubuntu serves me extremely well. The fact that it's lightning fast and comes with some great software certainly doesn't hurt either.

Last night we went to dinner at Chris' & Veronica's new pad (you live there Veronica, admit it ok? hehe) which was great... rabbit and venison satay sticks, camembert and black olives and sliced cherry tomatoes for an apetiser. Looovely!

Friday night was Evan Donnolley's farewell back to the land of Oz. He's been here for 9 or 10 weeks, hopefully he'll be back soon too. We staked out the back of the little Havana bar with 15 or so of our closest friends and played pool and drank and laughed. There was also some hazy occurences of attempting to balance the pool queue on noses as well.
It was a close call, but I'm going to award the most entertaining person of the night award to Kirsha. If you don't know, don't ask because I won't tell. ;)

The wednesday day before was a fairly busy one at work, so when I left I invited Frank to come and have a quick drink at Havana afterwards. He said he would only have one or two, which suited me fine.
..Anyway, so it was close to 3am when we were drunkenly eating curry down the road wasn't it. hehe... a good night, but ouch my head the next day. There's few things that let you know just how hungover you are than sitting in air-conditioning after 4 hrs sleep and too many beers and need to write code.

Aah well, it's not something that I do very often, but I'm happy to inform you that I have not learnt any lessons at all from this.

Currently listening to my newly acquired (note: I do not say 'bought') Bonobo collection. Me likey likey.. maybe you likey likey too?

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