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Thursday, April 26, 2007

.. of Ubuntu linux & taco mix ..


Evan from Datacom is here in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of months. Hi Ev. His girlfriend has just come over for a week and was kind enough to bring me the one thing that I have had significant trouble finding here, Taco mix. There are quite a few things that I'm used to from Sydney that I can't find here... but Taco mix is just one of those things that finding a replacement for just isn't really an option.

In other news, last week I downloaded and installed the latest Ubuntu linux and I must say, very impressed. Especially for what is a free (as in beer) offering, it's really up to the point of giving the likes of Windows Xp and Vista a run for their money, especially for the slightly more tech-savvy users.

It downloads as an iso file, so you burn that to a cd and boot from it to give you the full OS running off the cd. On the desktop is a handy 'install' link, which gives Linux the advantage of being the only operating system that I'm aware of that allows you to surf the web while you're installing it.

On first boot it had installed and configured my video, network and sound, certainly a nice start before enbarking on adventures in a new operating system. I remember when i first installed linux five years ago, i was confronted by a start button that filled my entire screen and had to enlist the only local linux guru i knew to install and configure graphics drivers from the terminal. yikes. It's almost enough to put you off for five years.

On the Masters of the Universe front I was surprised as anyone to see this:


eSkeletor... the sworn enemy of eHe-Man!

from the land of the quite large snail, till next time.

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